Digger is a music rating and retrieval app for your music collection. Digger helps you enjoy the music you own.
Music rental:Music ownership:
All you can eat buffetPay as you go
Musicians get a tiny fractionMusicians get most of what you pay
Regional restrictionsListen wherever
Licensing expiresAlways available
Suggested songsDigger retrieval
Digger Hub
Digger makes it easy to note your impression of any song so it can be fetched appropriately for any situation when you are playing music. For playback, Digger works like an automated playlist, fetching and playing music matching to your listening context. Digger helps you get back into your collection by pulling good selections you haven't played in a while.
There is no substitute for what you think. Noting your own impressions might feel strange at first, especially if you are used to having other people tell you what to listen to and what you should think of it. Soon you'll wonder why your impressions have been ignored so long. After a few albums worth of song ratings, automated retrieval and playback will start to improve your life. Welcome back into your music!
Dig into your music collection.
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